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Troubleshooting is Our Cerritos Plumbing Service's #1 Skill

If you are having a plumbing problem but aretwo Cerritos plubers get a shower beneath the spray of a broken water main unsure what's causing it, our team of Cerritos, CA plumbing contractors can help you understand your problem. We will troubleshoot issues during one of our convenient consultation and estimate sessions. If your toilet isn't flushing, for example, one of our plumbers will head out to your home, examine your toilet, and provide you with a repair estimate and time frame as soon as the root of the problem is discovered.

We pride ourselves on having intelligent plumbers who are great at both working with their hands and thinking critically. Our plumbers will use their critical-thinking  skills to engage in the problem-solving process. Once the problem has been identified, the solution will also be identified. They will complete the hard, hands-on work with their own experienced hands. This allows one main plumber to handle your entire case, which increases the speed and reliability of our services. Instead of going back and forth between consultants and plumbers, you can have your problem handled by the same person and even all on the same day, if you so wish.

Do I Need a Water Heater Repair?

The most common repair that our plumbing service in Cerritos is called in for is water heater repair. Customers call in with complaints including no hot water, rust colored water, the smell of rotten eggs, a popping noise and water leakage. All of these can be signs of a serious issue with your water heater.

Alt TextIf there is no hot water or a limited hot-water  supply, there are our Cerritos water heater repair team is on call 24 hours a dayseveral things that need to be checked. In a gas water heater, the pilot may be faulty or have simply gone out. The thermocouple or pilot control valve may have also gone bad. In an electric heater, the most common reason for no hot water is a bad thermostat although heating elements do sometimes go bad. Most of these water heater repairs should be handled by a licensed Cerritos plumber.

Alt TextIf your water has started coming out rust-colored, the problem is that the interior of your heater is rusting due to a failed anode rod. Each standard storage type water heater has an anode rod that slowly dissolves to keep the interior of the tank from rusting. Replacing the anode rod will fix this. This also accounts for the rotten egg smell. Bacteria in the tank sediment is the cause. Cleaning out the tank sediment will fix the issue. If the flush doesn't work, call in a Cerritos plumbing professional for a hydrogen peroxide solution.

Alt TextNo matter what area of your home is experiencing plumbing problemsa rusted out water heater can ruin a Cerritos garage floor, our Cerritos plumbing service can  provide you with a consultation and estimate during a time that is convenient for you. On the rare occasion that you need additional services that we do not offer, we are happy to refer you to one of our many partners in the Cerritos, CA area. For example, during a bathroom remodeling session, we will be able to complete all the plumbing renovations and installations, but will refer you to a trusted company to complete the drywall resurfacing and flooring installation.

We also have friends in other home contractor industries, including electricians, roofing experts, handymen, and painters. Any time you need home repair or remodeling services, don't forget your Cerritos plumbing service. Whether you need top-quality emergency plumbing repairs today or you're just looking for a bid on a large remodel, we're always happy to help. Call any time.